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Map of England showing obesity % prevelence                 (Source: www.sepho.nhs.uk/NOO/e-Atlas/adult/atlas.html)


New data published by Public Health England (PHE) has confirmed that 64% of adults are overweight or obese. The data also shows for the first time the considerable variation in the numbers of people who are overweight or obese in different parts of England, as well as the extent of the challenge many local authorities and the local National Health Service face.

However, the rate of  increase in overweight and obese adults has slowed in recent years and in children, levels are stabilising. However, welcome though this is, given the health problems associated with being overweight or obese there are no grounds for complacency.

“Overall health problems associated with being overweight or obese cost the NHS over £5 billion each year,” said Professor Kevin Fenton, Director of Health and Wellbeing at PHE. “There is no silver bullet to reducing obesity; it is a complex issue that requires action at individual, family, local and national levels.

We can all play our part in this by eating a healthy balanced diet and being more active.”

The report shows that Copeland in West Cumbria is the local authority with the greatest obese population area in England, where 75.9% of the population are classed as overweight or obese. The North East is the region with the largest obese population with 68% of the population are overweight, followed by the West Midlands at 65.7%.

By local authority

1. Copeland in west Cumbria (75.9% are overweight or obese)

2. Doncaster in South Yorkshire (74.4%)

3. East Lindsey in Lincolnshire (73.8%)

4. Ryedale in North Yorkshire (73.7%)

5. Sedgemoor in Somerset (73.4%)

6. Gosport in Hampshire (72.9%)

7. Castle Point in south Essex (72.8%)

8. Bolsover in Derbyshire (72.5%)

9. County Durham (72.5%)

10. Milton Keynes (72.5%)

By county

1. Cumbria (68.3%)

2. Lincolnshire (68.2%)

3. North Yorkshire (67.9%)

4. Staffordshire (67.9%)

5. Northamptonshire (67.5%)

6. Essex (67.3%)

7. Derbyshire (66.9%)

8. Nottinghamshire (66.4%)

9. Norfolk (65.7%)

10. Worcestershire (65.5%)

By region

1. North-east (68%)

2. North-west (66%)

3. West Midlands (65.7%)

4. East Midlands (65.6%)

5. Yorkshire and the Humber (65.4%)

6. East of England (65.1%)

7. South-east (63.1%)

8. South-west (62.7%)

9. London (57.3%)

The figures are based on adjusted, self-reported height and weight measurements collected via questions in the Active People Survey by Sport England since January 2012.

Owen Haskins – Editor in chief, Bariatric News


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